30 Days Of Prayer: Ramadan


July / September 2017

By The Clear Lake Islamic Center

Celebrating, respecting and accepting our cultural diversity is fundamental in the success of our future. As Houstonians, we are fortunate to live in a place that is culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse. The Muslim community celebrates a sacred month consisting of fasting and prayer. This is called Ramadan.

Community Partners Focused on Health & Unity


April / June 2017

By BAHW Magazine Staff

Leaders4Life Martial Arts

Cesar and Tiffany Ravedutti


“The gifts of discipline, confidence, respect, and focus are our passion through the skill of martial arts. While we realize that we all come from different walks of life with different experiences, we know that every person that enters our door has the potential to be a leader. It is our deepest desire to meet every student where they are and empower them with the gifts of health, wellness, and leadership.”

Healthy Holiday Shopping Guide


November / December 2016

By BAHW Magazine Staff

This holiday season, as you are looking for that perfect gift, think local! The Bay Area, from Pearland down to Galveston, is overflowing with small businesses that contribute greatly to our community. They represent all of us, as they follow their dreams to make a difference by what they offer and provide to the Bay Area.

Service To Others During The Festival Of Sacrifice


September / October 2016

By Hamza Reed

“The Festival of Sacrifice,” Eid ul-Adha, is the bigger of only two celebrations in the Islamic Calendar. During Eid ul-Adha, Muslims celebrate the Prophet Abraham and his willingness to consecrate his beloved son Ismael as an act of faithfulness to the command of Allah, our Lord. Their story, particularly, the moment of sacrificing, is so profound that it is celebrated by millions of religious devotees as a holiday.

Let Freedom Ring!


June / July 2016

By Camille Olsen, B.S., Editor

Bay Area Health & Wellness Magazine

In the wake of many tragic events throughout the country and the world, we, as a nation, came together to celebrate our freedom as “one nation, under God, indivisible.” However, as we know, this freedom has come at a great cost of blood and sacrifice throughout our history. As I reflect on the blessings I have as an American, I am overwhelmed and humbled.

As we publish BAHW this month, I wanted to personally thank and pay tribute to the service men and women who love and fight for freedom and hold it dear to their hearts so that we can enjoy the blessings of this wonderful country. They serve unconditionally, standing on the wall to protect our lives and freedoms. They willingly leave family and friends to protect the freedom and way of life that has come at so great a cost. Our armed forces are the threads that hold America together. Thank you for your service and protecting our freedom, our democracy, and our great nation! Let Freedom Ring! God Bless America!