30 Days Of Prayer: Ramadan


July / September 2017

By The Clear Lake Islamic Center

Celebrating, respecting and accepting our cultural diversity is fundamental in the success of our future. As Houstonians, we are fortunate to live in a place that is culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse. The Muslim community celebrates a sacred month consisting of fasting and prayer. This is called Ramadan.

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic year when fasting from food, liquid and sexual relations take place. This is done to keep eyes and hearts focused on the relationship with Allah (God). During Ramadan, it is a tradition that has existed since the time of the prophet Muhammad, to gather to listen to the Quran being recited from cover to cover. It is believed that the Quran was first revealed to Muhammad during the month of Ramadan. The name and meaning of Ramadan is taken from the Arabic word “ramida” or “ar-ramad.” This means “intense scorching heat and dryness.” Some say that it is called Ramadan because one scorches out the sin and badness from life, replacing it with good deeds and growth, just as the sun burns the ground.