Flashback 5K/10K Photo Collage



May / June 2015

The second annual #flashback5k/10k was a great success this year even with the rainy weather. The Junior League of Galveston County would love to thank all of our sponsors and registrants! We are excited to do work in the community with your donations. We are already looking forward to the event next year! A special thanks to Kroger for being our title sponsor!

Kindness in an Unexpected Place


March / April 2015

By Camille Olson

As the cashier started to ring my groceries up, I leaned over to her and said, “Ma’am, I only have $67.00.” She smiled back as if to say, “Yes, I know, this happens a lot….and don’t worry, I won’t let you go over.”

I hardly ever grocery shop with my children, it is just easier to go when they are at school. I think there is wisdom in that. It seems that things magically appear in the shopping cart and it fills up twice as fast with twice as much junk food when they are with me. This shopping experience was no difference and before I knew it, the cashier was telling me that I had to make some “choices about what I want”… my total was quickly reaching $67 with ten items still left to be rung up. Without thinking twice, I started throwing all the junk food out of the cart, and prioritizing what was absolutely needed. You see, at Aldi’s they only take cash and debit (I refuse to use a debit card), so there was no way I could “charge” my way out of the bind I was in.