Raising Awareness on Psychological Distress and Suicide


July / September 2017

By Dr. Mike Olson

With public figures like Prince William and Prince Harry, among other high profile celebrities, speaking out about mental health, the visibility and importance of addressing emotional/psychological warning signs seems to be rising in our collective consciousness.

The ABC's of Autism


April / June 2017

By Ahsley Gillespie

Since becoming an autism advocate, I have had the opportunity to see firsthand the daily struggles of, not only the kids affected by autism, but their families as well. Many parents don’t have the resources or the training necessary to help their kids reach their highest potential. Through my advocacy, I have noticed that there is a lack of specific educational programs for children with autism, which leaves some parents worried about their child’s future. My heart aches when I see families struggle because I know much more can be done. The first step is education. Do you recognize the ABC’s of Autism?

Paying It Forward


November / December 2016

By BAHW Magazine Staff

It seems like there is a holiday or celebration for everything these days, from fun, lighthearted recognition for being left handed or celebrating National Pancake Day, to more significant issues with medical and social campaigns. And now, the major holiday season seems to be steadily creeping in earlier with every calendar year. It can almost be overwhelming, as we try not to get lost in the shuffle.

Fight For Joy

Family wellness

September / October 2016

By Alyssa Baker

Let’s try something together for a moment. I want to invite you to find a favorite photo or painting nearby. Got it? Perfect. Remember how much you love that image! Really take it in. Now, place your nose up against the painting or photo. What do you see? Probably a lot of nothing. Maybe your eyes are straining, colors are blending together; it seems confusing and impossible to make sense of the image from this vantage point. Now, I invite you to take a few steps back, or bring the photo further away from your face. Is the image becoming clearer now? Hopefully it is beginning to make sense again. Your eyes feel more relaxed, and maybe you’re seeing a greater meaning in this photo or painting. Now, finally, step away to get the entire beautiful view. Wow, thank goodness there is more! Now, the image seems beautiful, meaningful, and complete.

Building Healthy, Happy Kids

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.03.13 AM

May / June 2016



In today's world of challenges for our kids and teens, parents want the reassurance of knowing their children are in a safe and healthy environment. Finding physical, cognitive and imaginative activities that encourage them to explore who they are and what they can achieve often seems to be an idealist dream instead of reality. After school and summer camp programs often hold the answers.