Family MothersChallenge

January / February 2016

By Camille Olson

As I sit at the computer gathering my thoughts, wanting to write something of worth, I quietly watch my kids. They are young, full of life and energy, and full of potential. I remember those long lost days, the days that I felt carefree and immune from the hardships this world has to offer. Invincible, Untouchable and Unbeatable would describe my youthful mentality. My years have taught me that this is not the case. I have learned that life is fragile. Life is fleeting. Life is a God given blessing that could be taken at any given time.

I think of the days and years spent raising children, and think I know what I would do differently. Yet, those days are past and that is fine; the past has made me who I am. The question is not how to change the past, but rather how to shape the future. I challenge mothers, young and old, to consider some of the valuable truths I have learned in the past 18 years. Truths Learned Through the Years: A Mother’s Challen ge By Camille Olson

Truth 1: Value I have learned that I have great value, and because of this, it is essential that I put myself first. I believe that the most selfdestructive time in life is when feelings of self worth escape our minds. It is easy to be tired and depleted physically, mentally and emotionally. This year, do not hesitate to say that it is “My Time” to replenish and refill my own basket. Do not hesitate to take the time to breathe, smile and enjoy the little yet important things of life. Once your basket is full, you will have an abundance to give to others.

Truth 2: Perspective This year, keep an eternal perspective and outlook on life. Remember what is important and focus on that. Choose not to get caught up in the drama of life, as I now realize that too much of our precious energy and time is sucked up being critical, offended, and angry. Learn to let the little things go so that you can focus on what is really important: family, friends, relationships, happiness, spirituality, and love.

Truth 3: Education It is important to keep your mind active and productive. Choose not to squander the gifts that were given to you. Do not waste time on mind dulling activities and seek opportunities to learn and develop your talents. This year, challenge yourself by taking the time to learn and better yourself so that you can more positively contribute to the family that you love. Be the most educated and wellbalanced mother and “you” that you can be. You deserve it!