Building Healthy, Happy Kids

After school programs are designed to develop a talent or a skill that is not addressed in regular schools. These programs could be educational or recreational in nature. Whatever type they are, they aim to keep the child active and interested. In addition, studies have shown that kids enrolled in after school programs improve their academic achievement. A report on after school programs that receive federal funds showed that over 40 percent of after school participants improved their reading and math grades. Another study done by the After School Alliance shows that the hours between 3-6 pm are the peak hours for juvenile crime and experimentation with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex. These are key times of the day to keep our kids positively productive and connected with other kids. Quality programs offer a variety of activities that encourage children to engage their minds, spirits, and bodies. When kids are active, their bodies and minds respond better to what they need them to do. This is because exercise has many benefits, some of which include: strong muscles and bones, weight control, better sleep, and a positive outlook on life. It is shown that physically active kids are more likely to be more academically motivated, alert, and successful. During after school and summer school programs, students keep their bodies moving with indoor and outdoor structured play in conjunction with trained counselors, who also act as positive adult role models. Other advantages include increased socialization, confidence, and physical activities. Many programs are offered at local schools, if not, transportation is often provided. A good summer and after school program keeps kids off of the screens, builds character, friendships, and healthy alternatives many parents struggle to find easily available. Mental, emotional, and physical health are developed for our future generations.

The Perry Family YMCA welcomes the community to join them for the 2016-2017 school year at one of our after school program sites, including Ferguson Elementary, Gilmore Elementary, Weber Elementary, Bauerschlag Elementary and Bay Colony Elementary. Financial assistance is available for those in need. For more information or to register, contact the Perry Family YMCA Welcome Center at 281-338-9622 or Youth Development Director Paul Rozema at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .