Nicole... A Battle To Walk


July / August 2015

By Bay Area Health & Wellness Staff

Many of you have likely read articles by Dr. Matt Brown in past issues of Bay Area Health and Wellness magazine, as he is one of our featured authors in the Family Wellness section. He is the Family Therapy Program Director at UHCL and the Clinical Director at the South Shore Center for Couples and Families. Although Matt is known by many, his daughter Nicole is not.

A Letter To Moms


By Kurt Attaway, MA, LMFTA

May / June 2015

Dear Mom,

First, let me say, “Thank You!” In case you have not heard it today, I want to remind you that you have a significant impact on the ones around you. Second, let me encourage you to receive the “thank you.” Allow yourself to breathe deep the reality of your role. You are loving, caring, shaping, serving, laughing, crying, holding, cherishing, protecting, correcting and investing in your little one(s). Did I mention you are doing a great job?

Can I Trust You? Three Important Questions About Your Relationship


March / April 2015

By Matt Brown

Do you trust your partner? How would you define trust? Oftentimes, we associate the word trust with big issues, such as infidelity. While trust does play a vital role in recovering from a major betrayal, it is the smaller, day to day interactions that teach us how to trust. In my work with couples, these three questions are crucial to the process of building trust.

Stay Confused


January / February 2015

By Kurt Attaway

When it comes to marriages, families and any relationship, one thing is pretty certain: conflict will arise at some point. Because relationships are about connection, it is essential that we learn the art of resolving conflict. Conflict creates distance, separation and strain on a relationship. On the flip side, resolved conflict creates closeness, connection and confidence that the relationship can persevere through challenges. Learning how to deal with conflict in a relationship is a vital skill for growing a healthy, vibrant relationship.