Creating A Meaningful Mother-Daughter Relationship


May / June 2016

By Erika Labuzan-Lopez

The mother-daughter relationship is complex, complicated, and ever evolving. Some mothers and daughters talk all the time, while others speak more sparingly. Some deal with conflict head on; others avoid fighting at all costs. No matter how you relate to one another, there will be arguments between mothers and daughters. How is it that mothers and daughters are masters at pushing each other’s buttons?

Meet Jerred


March / April 2016

By Alvah Cass

As I reflect on Jerred’s journey, I still have wonderful memories of the first time he rolled over, crawled, stood up, took his first step, and started talking. Each of these experiences gave Darlene and I both pleasure and some reassurance that we were doing a good job as parents. Schooling was always a challenge – fighting for every opportunity for Jerred to get the best chance to learn and succeed. Jerred worked diligently as he went through elementary and high-school. I remember how proud we were when he graduated high school. But he did not stop there; he went on to finish a special two-year program at Houston Community College.


Family MothersChallenge

January / February 2016

By Camille Olson

As I sit at the computer gathering my thoughts, wanting to write something of worth, I quietly watch my kids. They are young, full of life and energy, and full of potential. I remember those long lost days, the days that I felt carefree and immune from the hardships this world has to offer. Invincible, Untouchable and Unbeatable would describe my youthful mentality. My years have taught me that this is not the case. I have learned that life is fragile. Life is fleeting. Life is a God given blessing that could be taken at any given time.

Daily Traditions That Build Relationships


November / December 2015

By Camille Olson

Growing up, the holidays were a magical time. We looked forward to the beautiful china that was set on the Thanksgiving table, the Danish Christmas breakfast, and performing the holiday plays we spent endless hours creating. Why did we care so much about what was done during the holidays? Because it was a Tradition! A tradition is “something that comforts us and makes us feel grounded-regardless of what’s caving in around us.”

Putting down Roots in Times of Transition

September / October 2015

By Dr. Matt Brown

With the beginning of a new school year rapidly approaching, many of us parents are scrambling to purchase new clothes and supplies for our children while attempting to enjoy the last bit of summer vacation. Let’s face it, back to school is a time of mixed emotions. On the one hand, we feel the loss of carefree, unstructured time while on the other, we yearn for structure and new beginnings. It is a time of transition.