Help Your Child Give It A "Tri!"


July / September 2017

By Erin Moeller

Helping others reach their fitness goals has become a passion for local triathlete Scott Weinstein, of Pearland. Scott, a veteran triathlete, was drawn to train and compete in triathlons later in life. He recalls, “I decided in adulthood to get off the couch and do something for myself. I learned that training is a great way to stay fit so that I can keep up with my five kids.”

Walk It Out


April / June 2017

By Alyssa Baker

What would you say if you went in for a visit with your primary care physician and came out with a prescription for walking? Many studies are revealing the importance of not only physical activity, but specifically, walking. Walking has been found to be a beneficial aspect of treatment and management for many chronic illnesses; such as, Arthritis, chronic lower back pain, Hypertension, Diabetes, and Obesity.

How Far Can Running Take You?


November / December 2016

By Jennifer E. Wells

I can recall the exact moment that I fell in love with running. Nearly six years ago, I was standing at the start line of the Galveston Half Marathon, terrified at the prospect of being in way over my head. The gun went off, and I remember passing through a tunnel of cheering crowds, flying high on adrenaline and sporting a completely ridiculous grin.

Twice The Woman at Half The Size

Fitness and living

September / October 2016

By Chelsea Padilla

My name is Chelsea Padilla, I live in League City, work for CCISD, and am very passionate about health and fitness. This wasn’t always the case. Here is my story:

The "Cold" Facts About Cryotherapy and Weight Loss


June / July 2016

By I-Cyro

It’s summer, at last! ‘Tis the season to be more active! ‘Tis the season to spend more time outside, and ‘tis the season to worry about losing weight to gain that coveted beach body.

This summer, do you wish that your pants are loser, or your bathing suite is one size smaller? Do you wish for better health?