The "Cold" Facts About Cryotherapy and Weight Loss


It is no secret that the hardest part of getting in shape is often simply taking the first step. One I-Cryo session can heighten serotonin levels, improve mental clarity, help improve sleep habits and help flush lactic acid out from the body. However, did you know that cryotherapy is also an effective way to increase fat burning in your body, resulting in weight loss?

During a full body cryotherapy treatment, an average person burns between 400- 500 calories. An inactive or more sedentary person may burn as much as 800 calories, contrasting an athlete who would burn less because they have a faster metabolism.

So how does it work? Cryotherapy increases metabolic rate by lowering the body temperature, resulting in weight loss. The philosophy behind cryotherapy and burning fat is easy to understand. The body responds to the cold by a process called cold thermogenesis. During cold thermogenesis, metabolism is increased, resulting in the rise of body temperature.

This is the natural way that your body produces heat and ultimately burns fat. Cryotherapy can dramatically increase your metabolic rate.

Kyle Jones, owner of I-Cryo describes it this way, “the three-minute treatment actually lowers the body’s skin temperature to about 30 degrees. This tricks the mind into believing that it is in a hypothermic state. The body thinks it is freezing, and begins to work harder to warm itself up. It is a myth that the calories are all burned while standing in the freezing chamber. Cryotherapy can elevate and increase your heart rate slightly for up to 6 hours. This is when the majority of the calories are burned. Cryotherapy can also help sculpt your body. The treatments can tighten skin cells and improves collagen. This combined with increased metabolism, should start to shape the body.” Kyle reminds that, “you may not see weight loss immediately, but you will lose inches.” He continues by saying, “don’t use your scale to judge your weight loss progress... use your clothes instead! Notice how much better they fit. Cryotherapy is a great addition to diet, exercise and any weight loss plan.”