Help Your Child Give It A "Tri!"


July / September 2017

By Erin Moeller

Helping others reach their fitness goals has become a passion for local triathlete Scott Weinstein, of Pearland. Scott, a veteran triathlete, was drawn to train and compete in triathlons later in life. He recalls, “I decided in adulthood to get off the couch and do something for myself. I learned that training is a great way to stay fit so that I can keep up with my five kids.”


It wasn’t until taking personal time off from his own training that he realized he was passionate about training others, especially youth. This came as no surprise, as he is also a trainer at his day job, where he teaches astronauts at Johnson Space Center. “I thought, if I can spend my days training the best of the best to reach their potential on orbit, I could teach others to reach theirs through triathlon.”

Scott is now a USA Triathlon-certified Level 1 (adult), Youth and Junior coach. He believes that triathlon coaching is about encouragement and accountability. Coached training with a supportive group of athletes is one way to ensure positive reinforcement and support while working towards fitness goals. “A Triathlon is an individual sport, but there is a great deal of friendship and camaraderie to be had. Youth triathlons are notoriously positive and upbeat events that help build sportsmanship, confidence and independence.” Scott reminds us that your youth “doesn’t have to be a great swimmer, biker or runner to participate in a triathlon. They only need a positive mindset and the will to compete and finish. The first step is to turn off the screen!” His athletes are “Team Scottzilla,” who train with Powerhouse Racing in Webster. Training begins July 9th for the Kemah Youth Triathlon on October 7, 2017. Scott, who also coaches adult athletes year round, can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .