Foam Rolling for Relief

September / October 2015

By Kim Thomas

You may have seen oversized “pool noodles” being used at your gym, or maybe you caught wind of a phrase called “foam rolling.” What exactly is this?

Bodyweight Exercises: The Next Trend in Fitness?


By Tiffany Gust BS, CPT, USATC

May / June 2015

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) survey of more than 3,000 fitness professionals worldwide, bodyweight training is predicted to be the next big thing. "Expect to see it continue to expand in al movement experiences including both group and personal training," says Carol Espel, Senior Director, Group Fitness and Pilates at Equinox.

The Move It Mommas


March / April 2015

By Kim Thomas

You may have seen them at the park, this group of motivated women working together for a common goal: Health and Fitness. They are the Move it Mommas! They are an inspiring example of strength, friendship, determination, grit, and success. Oh, and they can kick some booty! Who are these supermoms? Well, first, let’s meet their leader.

"Muscle" Boredom Out of Your Workout


January / February 2015

By Kim Thomas

Fitness is fun! Easy for me to say, right? But it really can be. Fitness has become such an important part of the way our society flows that you have more opportunities than ever to find a form of exercise that is FUN and fits your personality!


You don’t have to sweat it out at your local gym if that’s not your thing. You don’t have to scale the nearest mountain (Which would be, perhaps, the Kemah bridge?) to get those quads rock hard. You don’t even have to pound the trails on Todville Road to whittle that muffin top away! (Although I wouldn’t discourage you from exploring that area. It makes for a beautiful hike! Besides, you might even see an alligator or two, and that’s a quick and easy way to get that heart rate up!)

What's all the TAPE About?


January / February 2015

By Dr. David Redding

Do you remember watching the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Beach Volleyball competition? If so you probably remember seeing Kerri Walsh sporting a strange and unique tape pattern on her shoulder. She and her partner Misty May were legitimate contenders to win and they immediately legitimized this “new” way to tape. Soon, we saw it being used in other sports. It was called kinesiology tape. Although kinesiology tape had been around since the 1970s it’s really finding its footing when used in a Fascial Movement Taping protocol.