Tennis, Anyone?... Tennis, Everyone!


May / June 2016

By Eric M. Striesfeld

As parents raising two elementary aged children in the Bay Area, my wife and I are always looking to engage our kids in activities where they can be motivated mentally and physically in a positive environment. For us, teaching our children tennis is the answer.

Have You Kept That Resolution


March / April 2016

By YMCA Staff

The New Year is officially underway! Around this time of the year, people start letting their resolutions slip and working out and eating healthy becomes less and less of a priority. Let’s make this year different?

No Limits

FitnessOutdoor NoLimits

January / February 2016

By Alyssa Baker

Tony Constanzo’s approach to challenges in life has been to “find your limits and push through them.” He has done just that for the past 21 years as a dedicated firefighter for the City of La Porte Fire Department. Tony is an inspiring member of the community who is passionate about cultivating health and wellness. He feels so strongly about this vision that he decided to run over 439 miles to honor fire fighters and EMS first responders who have lost their lives.

"Y" and How to Stay Fit During the Holiday Season


November / December 2015

By Alicia Martinez

As soon as the temperature begins to drop to the mid-80s in Texas, we know Fall has finally approached and the holiday season is around the corner. Many of us get excited about the boots, layers of clothing and jackets that are soon to display our seasonal fashion sense. However, some of us will use the thicker layered clothing to hide the extra bulge that we haven’t managed to lose all year.

YMCA After School Programs


July / August 2015



As a working parent, you may worry about those in-between hours for your child, especially after school. You want to know that your child is well cared for, learning, and with people you can trust. Your community YMCA is here to help!