Reducing the Burden of Type 2 Diabetes


May / June 2016

By Lharissa Jacobs, M.Ed, MBA

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program helps reduce the burden of diabetes in communities across the country.

The latest statistics show that 29.1 million Americans had diabetes and an estimated 86 million Americans had prediabetes in 2014.

Living With Endometriosis: My Story


March / April 2016

By Hillary Howland

For better or worse, endometriosis will always be part of “my story.” I think I always knew that the recurring episodes of intense abdominal pain, mindnumbing cramps, constipation, and a constant stabbing pain, literally stabbing, was not exactly normal. 

Heart Health 101

Health Heart101

January / February 2016

By Dr. Pablo Lozano

Q: What are the greatest risk factors for heart disease?

A: There are 5 risk factors for heart disease. Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Smoking and Family Background.

Health Matters.... Even During the Holidays


November / December 2015

By Anisha Anand

The holidays are a time of giving, a time to be surrounded by loved ones, in person and in spirit, and of course, a time of feasting and sharing food! Food doesn’t just nourish our bodies; it also feeds our soul. The connection we have to the food we eat, the preparation of that food, and even the way we consume it are all part of the nourishment process. We enjoy preparing our food together, and enjoy eating it over a table filled with laughter and love. This helps elevate meal time from a quick body recharge to a feast for the body, mind and spirit. Food and food aromas create new memories and also bring back old memories.

A Beacon of Hope

September / October 2015

By BAHW Editorial Staff


Ashma Moosa stands with the many other courageous women who have fought and continue to fight cancer. She has won this battle twice in her life and, from these experiences, has learned the importance of the rails of friendship and support along that difficult road.