DETOX Fact or Fiction?

Nutrition Detox

January / February 2016

By Dr. Angela Dagley

Let’s start with why it is important that we detox our bodies. This can be easily explained through the illustration of the bucket theory. The bucket theory states that every person is born with a toxin bucket. When someone’s bucket overflows, the manifestations of toxin overload become apparent. These could include eczema, autism, infertility, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, and food allergies. Some buckets start out empty, some part way full, others are brimming at the rim. The initial fullness of the bucket all depends on the health of the mother when the baby is born. When babies are born with buckets partly or nearly full, it really doesn’t take as much toxin exposure to overflow the bucket. This is one of the reasons we see more and more conditions affecting younger and younger people. With the amount of toxins we are exposed to today, it is really only a matter of time before it fills up, even if we started with a relatively empty bucket.

 You may be wondering: Where do toxins come from and why do I need to detox? We are exposed to multiple toxins every day! They come in the form of pollution, cosmetics, personal care products and cleaning products, and even the water we drink. Accumulation of metals can come from vaccines, dental fillings, and cookware. Toxins even come from our food and any medications we take. When toxins accumulate at a quicker rate than the body can expel them, the body’s normal detoxification mechanisms cannot function properly. When detoxification organs cannot function properly and keep up with cellular waste or toxins being absorbed in the intestines, our overall health deteriorates. Let’s explain it this way. When we have garbage in our home, we throw the trash in larger bins for the trash service to pick up on the designated day. Where I live, we are given one receptacle and there is only so much trash that can fit into it. Now imagine if you were accumulating trash at a high rate and your trash bins could no longer fit the overflow. The extra trash may need to be stored outside the bins and be held until the next designated pick up day. It doesn’t take too much stretch of the imagination to know that the trash would start to rot and smell and create all sorts of problems. However, if the trash pickup service were to offer a heavy trash pickup day, wouldn’t that assist you in ridding the excess garbage you couldn’t get rid of before? The same can be said of a detox. The overall goal of a detox really should be to lessen the toxic stress on the body and improve the overall health of our detoxification organs. Our bodies can only hold so many toxins before they need extra help to assist in eliminating them. Refer to the box to see how you may identify when your detoxification organs are under stress.